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UK Plans To Establish A New Tax On Vape By 2024

Time:2024-01-03 Views:187
UK Plans To Establish A New Tax On Vape By 2024

According to the Sunday Mirror on December 30, 2023.
The UK plans to establish a new tax on vapes.
The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, will announce the plan at the budget meeting on March 6th.
With an expected increase of at least a quarter in the cost of e-liquid.
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced plans to raise the legal age for purchasing cigarettes and tobacco in the UK year by year, currently at 18 years old.
If lawmakers pass this proposal, people aged 14 or below will never be able to purchase cigarettes.
The public consultation on how to solve the problem of adolescent vape smoking ended earlier this month, including measures to restrict fragrance and packaging to prevent it from attracting children.
The government is considering banning disposable vapes that children can afford with their pocket money.

Now,the price of a 10ml bottle of e-liquid is about £ 4, and the British government is imitating European countries such as Germany and Italy that have already taxed e-cigarettes.
In Germany, a 10 milliliter bottle of e-liquid is subject to an e-cigarette tax of £ 1.4.
With plans to double it to £ 2.8 by 2026.
As early as 2014, Italy became the first country to tax e-liquid, with a tax of £ 1.1 per 10 milliliter bottle of e-liquid.
The government has stated that it hopes to encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes while preventing non-smokers, especially children, from starting to smoke e-cigarettes.
At present, the cost of smoking is three times that of electronic cigarettes.
It is estimated that the average smoker in the UK can save about £ 670 per year by switching to vapes.
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