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TOP 10 Vape Manufacturer CBD THC Industry Brand Vape Rank

Time:2024-01-12 Views:177
TOP 10 Vape Manufacturer CBD THC Industry Brand Vape Rank
In the year of 2023. CBD industry rank top 10 

The first listed company of vape industry in china.
Smoore always at the forefront of the industry.
The company has advanced fully automated assembly lines and large factory assembly lines in both China and Indonesia.
Theirs customer base is also very stable and has strong research and development capabilities.
They are a company with strong innovation capabilities in the industry.
In earlier years, they were expanding into the North American market.
They designed a series of advanced vapes.
And got the trust of a group of fans.
Stabilized its dominant position in the North American market.
My old company‘s sales director, was one of the first people to explore the North American market for ALD.
It is a rapidly rising company that achieved brilliant results in 2015.
It is also a company that shocked the industry.
Their huge production capacity is one of their advantages.
They maintain an honest attitude and produce high-quality vapes products.
Has won recognition from people in the industry worldwide.
In the later stage, their new product series, CBD and THC vape device.
Also with the brand effect.
Selling to various parts of the world
Aspire is one of the earliest companies to establish a brand for vapes in China.
The early aspire atomizers  were simply popular worldwide.
Later, with the transformation of the industry.
Ispire also immediately launched a new product series.
Ispire was launched in the United States in April 2023.
The largest electronic cigarette factory in the early days, with strong OEM processing capabilities.
They have produced vape products for every major brand worldwide.
With the transformation of vapes, first union has also realized the importance of independent brands.
Nowadays, they also have dual line products for flavored vapes and CBD vapes.
Since its establishment in 2016.
CCELL has become one of the world‘s largest evaporator suppliers in just five years.
CCELL is the most renowned world-class supplier of vape equipment.
Revolutionizing the industry by introducing the world‘s first ceramic heating element.
With multiple independent research institutions and state-of-the-art production facilities.
BBTANK specializes in providing comprehensive services for CBD products and is a professional sales, design, and team.
Assist customers in maximizing revenue and success rates. Since its establishment.
They have been at the forefront of CBD/THC e-cigarette equipment and continues to define industry standards with its cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance.
They are headquartered in Shenzhen and operates a customized large-scale production factory in Dongguan.
BBTANK is renowned nationwide for its innovative and patented products and technologies that have won numerous awards
JSB vape is famous old factory in shenzhen of china. My old company.
They have great engineers team.
In 2018 , They do having flavor vape brand VPFIT.
But theirs major business is CBD vape. Service for many brand from USA.
A very fast grow company. Super great business in 2023.
With patent design in coil, appearance patent.
Theirs dual core design have perfect flavor vaping experience.
Over 100 products. The most important is: they are only making CBD THC vape devices.
Super R&D team. Great vape manufacturer.
120% recommend this company.
Itsuwa vape is a chinese listed company.
Very popular in Europen,North America.
Theirs products are good quality.
Awesome design, advanced technology, and excellent user experience.

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