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Hempacco entrusts CBDAY to sell cannabis and CBD products in India and Thailand

Time:2024-01-02 Views:181
Hempacco Entrusts CBDAY To Sell Cannabis And CBD Products In India Thailand

According to Ben Zinga‘s report on December 6th.
Hemp tobacco company Hempacco Co, Inc. (code name: HPCO) announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with CBDAY Global Private Limited, a company that imports, exports, distributes, and sells hemp based products in India and Asia.
According to the agreement.
CBDAY will exclusively sell Hempacco‘s cannabis and CBD products in India and Thailand.
With Cheech&Chong and Rick Ross‘s cannabis products being the first to be introduced.
And will be purchased on CBDAY‘s flagship website.
These premium linen products will be available throughout Asia through CBDAY‘s extensive online and offline sales channels.
This expansion reflects their commitment to providing high-quality hemp and CBD products to global consumers.
For cannabis based products.
The Indian market has great potential as the country has long been using hemp crops for various purposes.
In some regions of India, especially Uttar Pradesh.
Some tribal communities may use marijuana, and relevant laws may impose a certain degree of leniency on them.

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