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The Guam Flavored Tobacco Law

Time:2024-01-09 Views:180
The Guam Ban The Sale Of Flavored Tobacco Has Been Withdrawn
According to US media Postgram.
A bill aimed at banning the sale of flavored tobacco products in Guam has been withdrawn after a public hearing was not held as scheduled.

Bill 50-37 attempted to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products in Guam.
But was withdrawn by its sponsor, Congressman Thomas Fisher, in the next scheduled public hearing.

Fisher explained that he withdrew Act 50 for modification after receiving information from the American Cancer Society.
Fisher further plans to resubmit the bill on Friday morning and hopes to hold a public hearing on the bill on January 11th.

However, Sabina Perez, the legislator in charge of this hearing, explained that some procedures need to be followed before arranging a public hearing.
After explaining the possibility of a public hearing on January 11th,.
But unable to guarantee the date of the public hearing, Beres subsequently suspended the hearing.
A few hours later.
A press release from Fisher‘s office pointed out that the lack of public hearings was the result of "irresponsible arrangements".
"Public hearings are sacred.
And whether double bookings are due to irresponsible arrangements, misjudgments, or incompetence, they should not occur.
Suppressing public opinion should be absolutely avoided," Fisher said in a press release.
"The shop owners closed their doors to ensure their voices were heard today.
Even if they opposed my bill, they should still be heard, including other public opinions."
Fisher added in the announcement.
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