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New Vape Laws In Illinois Trigger Controversy And Discussion

Time:2024-01-08 Views:186
New Vape Law In Illinois Trigger Controversy And Discussion

On January 3, local American media The Southern reported a vape news.
The 1540 Act passed by Illinois in March 2023 officially came into effect in January 2024.
This law imposes significant restrictions on the use of vapes.
The new law prohibits the use of vape in any public place.
Including restaurants, shops, and schools.
The law requires people to smoke vape at least 15 feet outside the entrance of buildings.
The prohibited items on the tobacco product list also include electronic smoking devices and flammable tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars.
Skylar Klanchar has been using vapes since the age of 18.
She stated that she does not agree with the inclusion of vape products in the Illinois Smokeless Act.
She predicts that doing so will only encourage people to use vapes more discreetly, as people can always find ways to smoke.

Dylan Duckett, the owner of all three storefronts of the vape store "cloud 9," .
He has no major concerns about the new law.
"To be honest, many of my customers have, you know, followed the rules and don‘t use vapes in most places.
They have an unwritten rule of being polite... many people even thought it was a rule for a long time," he said.
Krancha hopes that legislators can fully listen to the opinions of the public when making decisions related to vape.
"to have a deeper understanding of the true smokers of vapes.
Not just those who want to eliminate vape.
Because the current situation is starting to make people feel that they only listen to the voices of those who do not smoke vapes and ignore those who smoke vapes to help themselves." Krancha said.
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