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The Court Overturns The FDA Ban On Vapes

Time:2024-01-06 Views:174
The Court Overturns The FDA Ban On Vapes On 3rd January 2024

Reuters reported on January 3rd.
The federal appeals court ordered the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reconsider its ban on marketing plans for two vape flavored oil manufacturers on Wednesday (January 3rd).

The decision was made by a court located in New Orleans.
With 5 out of 9 judges voting to overturn the ban decision made in July 2022.

The court is led by Judge Andrew Oldham.
Appointed by former Republican President Donald Trump.
Who stated in a majority vote that the FDA required vape manufacturers to provide detailed marketing plans to prevent teenage abuse.
But later rejected their marketing plans without review.

Oldham pointed out that this does not comply with the FDA‘s obligation to "face businesses directly".

Lawyers from vape manufacturers Triton Distribution and Vapetasia LLC.
They have expressed satisfaction with the court‘s decision.
Hope that it will prompt the FDA to clearly instruct companies on how to obtain marketing licenses.
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