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British American Tobacco Nigeria has paid fine of $110 milliona

Time:2024-01-05 Views:193
British American Tobacco Nigeria has paid fine of $110 million

The local anti-monopoly monitoring organization (FCCPC) in Nigeria has announced that since August 28, 2020.
The organization has conducted an investigation into British American Tobacco Nigeria (BATN) and its affiliated companies.
And has collected a large amount of evidence from electronic communication and other information/data collection analysis.
British American Tobacco related parties should pay a fine of $110 million.
It is reported that BATN and at least one of its employees have attempted to obstruct the investigation.
For which the organization has filed criminal charges.
But they were cancelled after settlement.
On the following 28th, British American Tobacco Nigeria (BATN) issued a statement stating that it had paid a government fine of $110 million.
And "acknowledge the mentioned supervision and publicity activities".
And "have fully cooperated with the service provider designated by FCCPC", will "be committed to complying with Nigerian laws".

AFJ Vaping news team did a research for BAT company.
British American Tobacco Company has always had a large market share in Africa.
At certain times, the company‘s market share exceeded 90% in 11 sub Saharan countries and approximately 15% in the entire African continent.
The company publicly stated that it "does not tolerate smuggling," however.
An internal document that was leaked at one point indicated that smuggling has always been at the core of BAT‘s corporate strategy throughout Africa, attempting to quickly seize the market through a "black and white" approach.
The involvement of British American Tobacco in cigarette smuggling in Africa and Lebanon has also been documented.
In recent years, cigarette manufacturers have flooded into the South African market.
Providing them with approximately 12 billion illegal cigarettes annually.
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