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THC Vape US American Interest In CBD Products Has Surged

Time:2024-01-04 Views:191
THC Vape US | American Interest In CBD Products Has Surged

According to a report by elvenezolanonews.
A study published by American magazines Nature and Bloom shows. 
American consumers are rapidly growing interest in medical marijuana.
Expressing a willingness to learn about the benefits and purchasing channels of CBD (cannabidiol).
The World Health Organization believes that CBD is the main component of marijuana.
A natural compound that has no side effects, mental activity, or psychogenic effects, and can help treat seizures and related diseases.
According to a review by The American Daily. This study analyzed the Google Trends search volume related to "CBD" and "medical marijuana" in 38 states in the United States over the past year.

The research results indicate that Alabama is the most interested in CBD. Followed closely by Mississippi, West Virginia is the third state most willing to use CBD.
South Carolina and Vermont are tied for fourth place.
And Kentucky and Tennessee are tied for fifth place. 
Florida ranks 13th out of the top 15 states most interested in CBD, with a search score of 94.
Nature and Bloom point out that the interest of Americans in marijuana has sharply increased in the past decade.
During which the search volume for CBD keywords increased by 197%, thanks to the numerous benefits discovered by users after using CBD products, making it highly popular in the pharmaceutical and skincare industries.

References article: Florida entre los 15 estados con más interés por la marihuana medicinal
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