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BAT Withdraw From Russia

Time:2024-01-10 Views:197
BAT Withdraw From Russia ITMS Officially Take Over BAT-SPb

According to Russian media abnews on January 9th.
The tobacco production company BAT-SPb in St.
Petersburg announced a name change to ITMS.

The ITMS factory was originally owned by British American Tobacco and plans to exit the Russian market this year.

In March of this year.
British American Tobacco Company (BAT) publicly announced that its business in Russia was facing difficulties and intended to sell its business.
The businesses in Russia and Belarus will be acquired by a consortium led by the BAT Russia management team. After the transaction was completed.
The company officially changed its name to ITMS Group.

British American Tobacco began operating in Russia in 1991 and established its own tobacco product production line in St.
Petersburg three years later.
The factory produces multiple well-known brands, including Kent, Vogue, Dunhill, Lucky Strike, Java, and GLO tobacco heating systems.
It is worth mentioning that as foreign founders leave Russia.
These trademarks will be fully attributed to Russian business.

This series of changes marks a structural adjustment in the tobacco industry.
And ITMS Group will continue to be committed to the Russian market and become an important participant in this field.
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