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There are more ways than one to celebrate 4/20, the unofficial cannabis holiday. We’ve made a list of ideas to commemorate this special day while practicing safe social distancing.
Each year people across the world celebrate April 20 by using cannabis with their friends and sometimes even strangers. It’s a tradition that has been taking place for decades. In a time of social distancing and quarantine, the unofficial cannabis holiday known as 420 must be celebrated a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time or make a difference in the cannabis community.
We’ve come up with a list of uplifting ways to commemorate this epic day, all while practicing social distancing. But first let’s talk about why 420 exists and where it all began.
Hint: It started with a group of friends and a map to a secret cannabis treasure.
History of 420
Many rumors have flown when it comes to the origins of 420, including the inaccurate number of active chemicals in cannabis, the music of Bob Dylan, a fictional police code for marijuana use, and even Hitler’s birthday.
The reality is that none of those are accurate when it comes to the strange history of 420. The true story came from five friends who attended San Rafael High School in San Rafael, Calif. The group who called themselves the Waldos, first coined the term, “420” in 1971.
The Waldos caught wind of a secret cannabis patch located at Point Reyes near the coast. They managed to snag a map to the location and decided to meet at 4:20 p.m. at their favorite hangout spot which was on the wall outside their high school.
The elusive cannabis grove was never located but the friends continued to meet at the same spot at 4:20 p.m. to share cannabis. A code formed between the friends when they wanted to meet or anytime cannabis was involved, eventually “420” was all the needed to say.
The marijuana term traveled around the world by means of the band the Grateful Dead and other rock bands of the time. Members of the Waldos had connections with the bandmembers and shared the term “420” with them.
During the next several decades of touring, the Grateful Dead took the term to the far corners of the country and around the globe. Thus 420 was emerged in the most unexpected places, far from the hippies and counterculture of Northern California.
Today, 420 serves as not only a day to share cannabis but also as an opportunity to applaud the efforts of cannabis advocates for their dedication to reform efforts. In 1971 when the Waldos first met up for their initial 420 get-together, cannabis in all forms and for any purpose was prohibited in the United States. Today, hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD oil are legal at the federal level, and two-thirds of U.S. states have legalized marijuana in some capacity.
Uplifting Ways to Celebrate 420 in Quarantine
This year, amid the pandemic, getting together to celebrate 420 simply isn’t a safe option. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day by safely consuming cannabis or actively promoting cannabis reform from your home.
Here we offer some positive ways to spend your 420 while sheltering in place:
Donate to a Cannabis Charity
There are many ways to give back on 420 that can make produce a positive impact for others. Consider donating to ECHO, (Education + Collaboration + Hope), which is a non-profit dedicated to supporting families seeking cannabinoids with product donations and by using a judgment-free environment to offer encouragement and trustworthy guidance to connect families with the proper healthcare solutions.
The War on Drugs has disproportionally impacted people of color. The mission of the Green Soul Foundation is to “promote opportunities for economic empowerment and redefine the relationship between people of color and the manufacture and sale of cannabis.”
Another cannabis charity to consider is NORML Women’s Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition of women fighting against cannabis prohibition.
Attend a 4/20 Streaming Event
You don’t have to celebrate alone, even if you are technically alone on this day. There are a ton of streaming events taking place this year on 4/20. Here are a few events we found that you can have front row access to without leaving your couch.
Get Good At Weed is a donation drive for the Last Prisoner Project and COVID-19 Relief Fund hosted by Miss Grass, featuring Chelsea Handler and others. The free event is described as “a virtual smoking sesh, a lunch + learn, and a workshop all rolled into one.”
The Great American Sesh In is a benefit for COVID-19 first responders hosted by Direct Relief. The event’s entertainment includes Too $hort, B-Real, and other celebrities. This event requires a $1 donation, but feel free to give more if you are able.
Be a part of history by attending the 420 World Record 2020 event where you can help set a new world record for “Most People Consuming Cannabis on Video Chat.” Donations will go to the Last Prisoner Project.
Make CBD-Infused Snacks
Maybe you want to celebrate but smoking marijuana isn’t the right choice for you. Not a problem. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural, nonintoxicating compound that is trending heavily due to its exciting natural wellness benefits.
While some people take CBD oil capsules or even vape CBD oil, another way to add CBD directly to your diet is to integrate it into your own homemade snacks. Try making fresh CBD-infused guacamole to dip chips or vegetables into, or get creative with some homemade CBD chewy gummies.
We’ve compiled a long list of CBD-infused recipes you can make at home. Shop for high-quality CBD from Medical Marijuana, Inc. We’re offering up to 40% off storewide this week in celebration of the cannabis holiday.
Send Letters to Those Incarcerated for Cannabis
Although the legalization of cannabis is spreading in states across the U.S., there is a devastating number of individuals who are still incarcerated for cannabis convictions. While you may have the freedom to use cannabis in your home and celebrate this day, think about the many who have lost their freedom over cannabis use or possession.
Writing letters to those still locked up is one way to be of service and also a rewarding way to commemorate the 420 holiday. Find information about the organization Freedom Is Green, along with guidelines on writing letters to those incarcerated for cannabis.
Check out this article from NORML, Write to Women Behind Bars for Marijuana.
Educate Yourself on Cannabis, Both Hemp and Marijuana
There are plenty of resources when it comes to educating yourself on cannabis. How about spending some time today learning about cannabis or CBD? Visit our CBD Oil Education page for more information on how to use CBD oil and its exciting benefits, or our Cannabis 101 page to learn more about the basics of cannabis including more on strains, growing, and shopping.
There’s a strong likelihood you have some spare time to catch up with the latest developments in cannabis policy in the U.S., scientific research studies on cannabis, and cannabis business.
Find a wealth of cannabis knowledge, by checking out our cannabis news page.
Shop CBD Deals at Medical Marijuana, Inc.
As part of our tribute to 420, this week we celebrate hemp and hemp-derived CBD by offering up to a 40% discount on our world-class CBD oil products. Get started today by visiting the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online CBD store.

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