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Can I customize cartridges, disposables, and batteries of AFJ Vaping?

Yes! Customizations are an essential part of our services. AFJ Vaping Design House will work with you to create on-brand and distinctive designs using a variety of techniques, colors, and finishes. Need help with your customize? Check out the AFJ Vaping Support-One-stop service Page for detailed information.

Can cartridges of AFJ Vaping work with both thin and thick oil viscosities?

AFJ Vaping cartridges and batteries are specifically designed to properly vaporize a variety of cannabis oil types and viscosities using various aperture sizes, cotton densities, ceramic micro-core inlets and heat control. Unsure which cartridges are best for your oils? Be in touch and one of our viscosity experts will suggest the cartridge and battery voltage combination best suited to your oils.

How do AFJ Vaping devices deliver true to strain flavors?

Precise material selection, advanced No-Burn technology combine to preserve delicate terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

How does AFJ Vaping maintain product reliability?

Manufacturing is never outsourced to third-parties. We own, manage and operate our own factory where production follows a strict quality control process - overseen by senior quality control managers. Quality control includes: ①Pre-quality control raw materials selection ②In-line assembly quality control ③Post-manufacture final product quality control

What international manufacturing standards does AFJ Vaping comply with?

GMP certified - Current Good Manufacturing Process ISO 9001 certified - International Standards referring to quality management ISO 14001 certified - International Standards referring to environmental impact management
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