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CBD Cartridge

1ml Patented Vape Cartridge Delta 8 THC Cannabis oil

Cartridge capacity: 1.0ml 
Heating core: Patented AFJVAPING heating element
Resistance: 1.3Ω 
Size: 60.8*10.5mm 
Ceramic twist mouthpiece 
Material of metal: Lead-free 
Material of oil tank: Durable borosilicate glass 
Match with 510 thread battery well
    Patented Thc Vape Cartridge For Cannabis Oil 1ml Dual Core
    AFJ Vaping makes superior quality cartridges in the vaping industry, we care about nothing but your safety, health, and best experience in mind. 
    Our THC & CBD vape cartridges are match with 80% in market of pure, potent, and clean cannabis oil and are a perfect fit for any 510 battery.Precision size vape.
    This C27 cartridge of AFJ Vaping was specifically engineered to deliver an outstanding flavorful vape and produce the largest cloud for various viscosity, it will bring zero harm even high viscosity. The disposable design means zero maintenance and leak-proof format with a high hygienic standard. Also, the ceramic heating element without cotton is more hygienic than the traditional cartridges of CCELL in the market. 
    The most important thing is that the ceramic heating core of C27 cartridge has been granted a US patent, so it will not infringe the patent of CCELL‘s cartridges. No need for preheating and every drop is completely vaporized. Indulge your consumers with the purest flavor and powerful potency. 
    All in all, this C27 cartridge of AFJ Vaping is an indispensable product for brands which absolutely value unique innovative reliable carts. Do not miss this amazing cartridge. Contact us to get a free quotation!

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