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510 battery

Size: 78.3mm*10.5mm 
Battery capacity: 280mAh 
Standard 510 thread
Type-C charging
Inhale active
    510 Thread Vape Battery For Cartridge | Vape Pen | Cbd Vape
    What is important for a battery?
    The most imporant of a battery is the cell.
    A good supplier will give you full power capacity cell.
    So,please choose good supplier when you are going purcahse vape products.

    AFJ have good name in vape industry for 14 years. I am 120% recommend you buy from us.

    Brand AFJ vaping
    Model: 510 battery
    Battery 280mah capacity
    510 thread charger
    3.6V working voltage
    Size:78.3mm x 10.5mm 
    Product Color: White Black Red Blue Yellow Purple Pink and custom color
    Using area:
    CBD THC and HHC
    Order Paypal for sample orders.
    40% deposit + 60% balance payment.
    Shippment Air transport.
    Sea transport.
    Payment TT or Paypal
    Delivery time About 2-4 weeks
    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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