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1010 Thread cartridge battery vape Voltage Adjustable Preheat

Size: 87.6mm*14mm 
Rechargeable with Micro-USB charging port on the bottom 
Battery capacity: 400mAh 
Match with 1010 cartridge 
Press the button five times continuously to turn on/off the device
Press the button to vape
Press the button two times continuously to preheat 10 seconds
    1010 Thread Cartridge Battery Vape Voltage Adjustable Preheat
    Just like most vape 510 thread batteries, 1010 thread battery are usually lithium-ion and rechargeable, typically with a USB charging cable. Some vape batteries are Alkaline or NiMh but those are usually mod batteries and they’re not very common. Depending on the battery’s capacity, some batteries can last longer than others. Battery capacity is measured in milliamp-hours and they range in size from 250mAh to 850 mAh in most cases.


    1. Big battery capacity.
    2. Easy to carry.
    3. Beautiful performance.
    4. Stable quality, transportation security.
    5. Clean, easy design for everyone.
    6. One of the most competitive price 1010 Thread Battery.
    7. Slim portable size.
    8. Customizable for branding.

    1. For vape cartridge
    2. For atomizer
    3. Safety in use
    4. Firm output

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